Thursday, 19 October 2017

Progress Not Perfection

The picture on the left was taken in 2013. It's a picture of me but it's also a picture of a girl I don't recognise. When my confidence an self esteem were at it's lowest and my depression and anxiety high. It was around the time of my second suicide attempt. The photo on the right was taken this week. I've lost some weight, around 4 stone, but that's not the more important change to me. I feel happier, healthier, stronger. I love and appreciate all my body can do. I still have off days (don't we all?) but now I find the joy in the days when all I saw was darkness.
I used to be scared of getting older but as I approach my 30th year I've realised how much I've changed and how much I love the woman I've become. I'm excited for the future and all it holds, and that's something I didn't think I'd ever be able to say.
B xo

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