Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Feline Good - Cardiff Cat Cafe

There's something so heart warming about watching your friends succeed and follow their dreams. My very good friend and constant source of inspiration, Hollie Bowler-Brown told me a few years ago that she wanted to leave her IT job to set up her own cat cafe and I thought it was a fantastic idea!

She crowdfunded for the cafe through an Indigogo campaign and raised the money needed for the business venture to go ahead. She then went on to open Wales' first cat cafe and I couldn't be prouder of her. Not only is it a fantastic tearoom, but it is also a home for up to ten rescue cats at a time. 
It's an amazing way to support the kitties who have found themselves homeless, through support of their partner charity Mittens Cat Rescue, as well as a great place for cat lovers.

Tim and I went to Cardiff for a few days to visit friends, see the sights and of course, visit Hollie's Cat Cafe! 

Cardiff actually has quite a special place in my heart. I have been regularly visiting friends down there for years and even looked at transferring my job at the time and moving down to an apartment in Cardiff Bay back in 2009. However, life and circumstances got in the way and I never became a resident, but I am still a frequent visitor.

Rory and Marie. Two of the cool cats at the cafe!

We booked our table on the Feline Good website and packed our bags for the weekend away. I was super excited! We arrived at the cafe just before our booking and were greeted at the door by one of the 'Kitty Buddies' who took us through a few house rules. We were then shown to our table and given menus. Because I had supported Hollie through her crowdfunding, I was entitled to my 'perk' of Afternoon Tea. 

I chose the humous and red pepper sandwiches, while Tim went for the cheese and pickle. We also had chocolate brownie and carrot cake as well as delicious scones with clotted cream and jam. Although you don't come to a cat cafe specifically for the food, you come to play with the kitties but I can honestly say the afternoon tea was delicious!! I highly recommend it. 

Penny and Ash

Then it was kitty time! The cafe is so well set up with comfortable tables and chairs to enjoy your tea and cake as well as a plethora of cat entertainment including cat trees, toys and a giant cat wheel. Watching Marie run on the cat wheel was definitely a highlight of my visit.

It's clear to see just how happy and content the cats are here as they interact with the visitors, chill out on the soft furnishings and play with their state of the art gadgets. It's also clear to see just how loved they are, not just by owner Hollie, but all of the Kitty Buddies too. 

Rory and Freddie

There is a private area for the cats to go to as well for when they want some quiet time but every one of the cats at the cafe were loving life. To be fair, being pampered and made a fuss over, while having awesome toys and things to play with; I can understand their contentment!

As we were there, other guests came in to enjoy the cafe and it was so lovely to see. The cafe attracts all kinds of cat lovers. From those who just want to come hang out with kitties whilst enjoying a cuppa (because why not!) to those who can't have cats due to restrictions on their home, to those who have lost a cat and like the feline company. 

I honestly could not recommend this place highly enough. Delicious cake, wonderful food, super friendly staff and owner and most importantly, beautiful kitties to love. It's such a fantastic idea. If you are in the Cardiff area, you can book your table via their website here.
I recommend to book in advance as they get very busy!

Well done Hollie. I am so incredibly proud of you.
Britt xo

P.s. We didn't intentionally wear the same pattern. Happy accident. Haha!

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