Friday, 11 August 2017

Mermaid Tattoo!

This week I added to my ink collection with a new mermaid tattoo on my left leg. Designed and tattooed by the wonderful Lizi from Ritual Art Tattoo in Rainham!

I've named her Aurelia and I love her! She's a little sore still at the moment but I can't wait until she has healed completely, she's gonna look great in a pair of heels. Thank you Lizi!

Aurelia is my 15th tattoo and third one done by Lizi who has also designed me a space unicorn on my right thigh and stars all up my back. Lizi predominately does bright, beautiful colours and she's so talented. She is also one of my fiancé Tim's Control Practitioners! You can go see more of her work here.

B xo

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