Monday, 7 August 2017

Engagement Party!

This weekend Tim and I had our engagement party! An excuse to celebrate with our friends, dance to 90's music, eat lots of food and generally have a wonderful time.

We had the party in our home, as it used to be a social club, it's a fab party venue. It opened in 1901 as a social club for the local community and from the outside at least, hasn't changed much over the years. Nowadays however, our bathroom is where the bar used to be! It's an amazing space and I love living here. I also love decorating the place and having a good old party too!

We had a beach scene selfie station complete with tropical props, a Beer Pong table set up, I had made a cold buffet selection as well as beach themed cupcakes (read more about those on my other blog here) in our wedding colours aqua and white, and we had a fully stocked bar with an inflatable desert island drinks cooler!

We were also given this amazing mini bar (above) from my good friend Jemma from Iced Jems. I put little jars of cocktail umbrellas and cocktail sticks on it for people to help themselves!

Downstairs the Pole Room was set up ready for not only my fab pole sisters, but I knew towards the end of the evening I would be in there, evening dress and all, for a bit of pole action. It's always fun when people who have never poled have a go too! It's a sport for everyone, even when you've had a cheeky drink or six. Haha!

Check out the video above for me scoring the winning shot at Beer Pong! Not bad considering by this point I had drunk an entire jug of Pimms to myself...

I bought this fabulous Mermaid Dress from Collectif for the occasion! It went perfectly with our beach theme and I felt amazing in it. The fit is wonderful and the print is simply stunning.

We had a fantastic night celebrating and I was feeling a little fragile the next day! Thank you to all who came and partied with us and a massive thank you to all of the lovely cards and gifts, we feel very loved.

Here's to the next 12 months of wedding planning!

B xo

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