Monday, 24 July 2017

24 Hour Pole-A-Thon!

This weekend, myself and some of the wonderful girls I do pole fitness with, took on a 24 hour Pole-A-Thon challenge to raise money for Starlight Children's Foundation. Starlight brightens the lives of seriously and terminally ill children by granting wishes-of-lifetime and by providing fun, laughter and entertainment to over 500,000 poorly children in hospitals and hospices across the UK.

There were five of us doing it; myself, Jodie, Amy, Jade and Kim. We started at 10am on Saturday and went through to 10am on Sunday. There were four 'stations'; two pole stations, two stretching stations and a rest station and they all had to be active.

I've done pole on and off for 10 years now (come check out my Pole Instagram here) and it's one of my passions. I absolutely love it. But I've never done it for more than two hours straight, so to do pole and pole related activities for 24 hours was a daunting thought!

We started off super strong, doing tricks, spins and even achieving things we hadn't done before (hello Superman, the move I'm doing above) as well as stretching and dancing. Then a few hours in we started to get a little tired, but we kept going! Doing it with such awesome girls helped keep me motivated! We tried doubles and even triples moves -

As the day turned to night, we lit up the room with some fairy light pole action!

The hardest time was the early hours of the morning, we were tired, the room was freezing, our hands were sore and it was just difficult to find the will to carry on. Kim passed the time by dressing up as Minnie Mouse, because why not.

By the morning we had got into the home straight, we freshened up, made coffee and even though we were bruised and sore, we carried on. The last hour though, between 9 - 10, felt like an eternity!

The alarm came at 10am telling us we had done it! Yay! We could all finally go home to our beds! It was an experience and I'm very glad I did it. I am so proud of the girls I did it with, a massive thank you and so much love to Jodie, Amy, Jade and Kim. You're all absolute superstars. A big thank you also to my fab fiancé Tim for joining us for a few hours Saturday night and Sunday morning to take pictures and keep our spirits up!

The best part was knowing by the end of it we had raised over £300 for the charity! 
Check out our Just Giving page here -

Massive thank you to all those who watched our live videos on Facebook, supported us and sponsored us!

I'm taking a good few days off from pole this week to recover! I've got bruises all over, I'm stiff in muscles I didn't know I had and my hands feel so sore. It was all worth it though.

B xo


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