Monday, 10 July 2017

DIY Instant Photo Display Frame

For Christmas, my wonderful boyfriend Tim got me a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera. I had never heard of them until late 2016 when I demonstrated at the Cake & Bake Show in London. The guys who were organising the green room had one on a table with a cute display so anyone who was in there could snap a selfie and pop it on the board.It was seeing this and using it that reminded me of my love for instant photos.The polaroids of old a distant memory. I remember finding my mum and my grandparents photo albums filled with polaroids with informative annotations such as ‘sun very hot!’. Little did I know Tim had seen how much I enjoyed using it and wrote it down months before the festive decorations went up, as a present idea for me. He’s a good one isn’t he.So on Christmas morning I received a Raspberry Instax Mini 8 camera with three films, all producing 10 shots a piece. I wanted to start snapping but it was almost immediately I realised I didn’t want to waste any! When I take photos with my phone, the choices are endless and I can snap away until I get the perfect shot. With instant pictures, you live more in the moment and you can’t wait for it to be ‘perfect’. I like that.

Only a few short weeks later and I have a new obsession. Granted, I’ve not taken many actual photos (I’m still a bit ‘in my head’ on that one, waiting for the right moments), I now have a new case for both my camera and film, a selfie lens, a mini photo album for taking photos on the go and a dedicated Pinterest board. 

Because the photos are way smaller than your average photo, coming in at 62 mm x 46 mm, frames were hard to come by on the high street and could be quite expensive online. So, armed with an idea seen on Pinterest I headed to the shops!

To make this display you need;

A second hand frame - I picked this one up from the Oxfam shop for a bargain £1.99!
Photo hooks - I’ve used 8 but it depends how many rows of photos you want.
Small pegs - These rose gold ones are from Wilko. They are adorable and come in a small pot with a cute cream fox on top which I now use for jewellery!
Paint - I’m using Summer Sky Autentico Chalk Paint from The Vintage Dove.

Start by taking the frame apart. I’m just using the frame so dispose (carefully) of the glass and back. 

I’ve also removed the fixings on the back and the clips around the inside edge of the frame.

Then give it a good clean! Dry with kitchen roll.

Paint your chosen colour. I found to cover the gold I needed to use two coats. Leave to dry.

I’ve also painted the back and inside of the frame white as when I put it on the wall, I could still see the dark wooden colour on the inside. 

This is where Tim helped! I decided I wanted it portrait and four lines or photos. He measured the frame and put in four picture hooks on each side, then we tied some lengths of string to the hooks.

I added on the pegs and there we have it! A DIY Instant Photo Display Frame! 

I love it and can't wait to fill it up with memories!

B xo


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